For many people today, equipping a home with a suitable audio system requires little more than a quick trip to the nearest big-box store. The fact is that manufacturers have, in recent years, made it much easier and more economical to obtain an audio system of respectable quality. These “home theater in a box” products that are now widely available provide a fair degree of performance at economical prices. For many others, though, nothing but the best will do, whether that means spending weeks deciding on a particular digital-analog converter or having a set of entirely custom speakers built from scratch.

For those in the former camp, an audio equipment breakdown is often cause to head back to the store for a replacement. This is understandable in general and, in fact, a fairly pragmatic solution, because the kind of low-end gear that dominates the market is often not especially amenable to repair.

For someone who has spent thousands of dollars on a receiver or pair of speakers, of course, simply throwing out the old and bringing in a replacement will make much less sense. Fortunately, such pieces of audio gear are usually fairly receptive to repair, with construction techniques like point-to-point wiring and an avoidance of surface-mount components making it much easier for technicians like George Meyer to lend their assistance.

Another point in favor of more expensive audio equipment is that it tends to be built to last. It just so happens that many of the measures that contribute to impressive audio performance also support reliability, whether that means an especially beefy transformer or the selection of capacitors that are based around solid, leak-proof electrolytes.

Owners of high-end audio equipment will less often have cause to visit a repair company like that owned by George Meyer while also knowing that any issues they run into will likely be fairly easy to fix. While some people are understandably content with pulling a box off the shelf at the local retailer, those who seek out the finest and most capable of audio equipment often find that they receive more than merely superlative audio quality for their efforts.

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